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NEWS  September 17, 2017:  We survived Irma, a little property damage but that's all.  Lots of downed trees and fences around here but all the buildings are intact and we never lost power!


However if you telephone us Monday, you might still get the proverbial answering machine -- there is a small medical issue that needs to be taken care of.  Aside from that, we're OPEN and back in business!



With so much time and money spent on your classic ride, why settle for a consumer-grade stereo in a chopped dash or glovebox?  We have better options!

Car Radio Options

 Aurora Automotive

Option 1:  Convert your radio to modern AM/FM Stereo!

This is our specialty -- and we are the original dealer for the Aurora FMR stereo products.  Your radio can be transformed into a modern AM/FM Stereo while looking and functioning as original!  Optional features include Bluetooth, USB, Line Outs for amps and subs.  Original look and feel, modern performance!  MADE IN DETROIT!


Car Radio Options

Buick Radio

Option 2:  Original repair/Add FM

Keep your radio original, get it working reliably.  But -- disappointed with the lack of selection on AM?  FM can be ADDED to your AM radio in the form of a tiny PCB called the Aurora FMC-2.  All functions including pushbuttons and Wonderbar will work on FM as with AM.  Plus, in many cases the FMC-2 can be used to replace unrepairable components in early AM/FM sets.  This will OUTPERFORM the original tuner!



Car Radio Options


Custom Autosound

Option 3:  New stereos designed to look great in your dash!

If you want modern digital display features, or if you're on a budget, check out the line of Custom Autosound USA Stereos.  They range from the simple to the elaborate, and they look great in the dash!

We are a Factory-Authorized Custom Autosound retailer -- beware of black-market imitations! 



Car Radio Options


Option 4:  Hidden Stereo!

Car has no radio?  Don't want to touch the dash?  The Custom Autosound SecretAudio just might be the solution!  Totally hidden stereo with wireless remote, fits anywhere out of sight.  Fully featured! 





Car Radio Options


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