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 Convert your original radio into a custom-built AM/FM stereo!

Aurora FMR-2     Aurora Stereo Conversion 

We can convert your existing radio to modern AM/FM Stereo!  Radio looks and functions as original but sounds amazing!  Using SAE-quality components designed and built by Detroit's automakers, your conversion will far outperform and outlast the original radio!

 Why cut up your dash for something less?

WATCH THE VIDEO -- Click on the photo below

Video depicts the FMR-1 -- still applies to the new FMR-2

FMR-1 Stereo

A note about LED indicators:  Older conversions used LED indicators to display status.  Although Aurora can use these, they are unnecessary and we do not install them -- for the sake of keeping the appearance totally original.
  • AM/FM Stereo.  Tuning knob, buttons, seek bars, etc., operate as original but performance is digital.
  • Cutting-edge Class S audio amp is cool and efficient, provides up to 180 watts (45x4).*
  • Switchable Loudness contour improves fidelity at low volume levels.
  • AM/FM switching, balance/fader, other adjustments are performed easily with front panel controls.**
  • Rear-mounted Audio Input jack lets you play accessories through stereo.
  • Stereo is fully protected from extreme cold/heat, voltage transients, and improper wiring.
  • Warranted for one year -- although PCB failures are virtually nonexistent.
*If vehicle is 6 volts and/or positive ground, total available power is less.
**Varies depending on model.  Example, if radio has AM/FM switch, it will operate as original.  Otherwise this is performed by powering off and on.  There are other considerations for tone switch, fader, etc.
BEWARE OF INFERIOR PRODUCTS!  There are other conversions, as well as high-priced "repro" looking radios, that are NOT up to Aurora standards.  Don't make an expensive mistake!
  • Bluetooth:  Fully integrated with the FMR Stereo, FCC Certified, supports the new 4.1 format.  Includes Voice Command for easy operation.
  • USB:  Allows playback of MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis from flash drive.  Can also charge cell phone.
  • BTU-2 Option includes Bluetooth AND USB, at reduced price.
  • Line Outs for adding external amps.  Jacks include front left/right, rear left/right, and mono subwoofer.
  • Auto volume for 1957 Thunderbird.  Works with car's original distributor hardware.
Note:  Recently several customers have asked about using our 3.5mm stereo jacks with accessories/amps that have RCA jacks.  This is a non-issue!  Patch cables are readily available at electronics stores, as well as big stores such as Wal-Mart and Target.  We use 3.5mm jacks for several reasons.  For starters, the BT and BTU options incorporate them on the PCB's.  Another reason, a conversion which includes Line Outs and a BTU-2 would require TWELVE RCA jacks, and many sets simply have no place to put them!  Most devices today use these 3.5mm jacks.
I found this, and several others like it, on Wal-Mart's website.  SKU #TRIPP-LITE P314-006.   I believe their price is about $3.
If you have RCA cables already installed, use an adapter such as this one.  Again, Wal-Mart SKU #SA-iEM2TPSF.

" . . . thank you for all your quality work on my [Studebaker] radio, I have installed it and it sounds magnificent, Bluetooth connectivity is fabulous as is the iPod/aux /USB ports . . ." -- Jeff, Australia

"The sound is amazing and I wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did." -- Mike, California

"Best investment I ever made for this 59 Corvette!" -- Bill, Florida

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my AM/FM radio conversion (1964 Buick) . . .I will gladly tell my “car friends” about your excellent service and product!" -- Mark, North Carolina


Instruction Manuals:
AAR conversions:  we no longer support them, but customers are still asking:  Instructions for AAR Conversions


 Shipping Instructions Click Here!    


American cars, all-transistor AM radios, manual or pushbutton (typically 1963 and later:  $385

American AM/FM sets, tube or hybrid sets 1946 and later, manual, pushbutton, or Roto-Matic (except Cadillac and Lincoln described below):  $400

Cadillac 1946-47, Lincoln 1946-48:  $450.

Prewar radios:  Typically $450, but please contact us first.

European & Japanese vehicles:  Imported cars with American radios (VW, Volvo, Triumph, Alfa Romeo) use US prices.  Japanese radios use US prices.  European radios (Blaupunkt, Becker, Philips, Radiomobile) manual or pushbutton are $420.

Wonderbar, Town & Country, Electro-touch, and other signal seeker radios:

Pricing is complicated, as certain models require additional hardware and labor.

  • Wonderbar, Chevy/Pontiac/Olds/Packard/Studebaker 1950-57:  $495.
  • Wonderbar, Buick/Cadillac (tube) 1950-58:  $495.
  • Wonderbar, 1957-58 Cadillac transistor:  $445.
  • Wonderbar, Chevy/Pontiac/Olds/Packard 1958 and all 1959 and later:  $445.
  • Town & Country, 1956 Ford and Thunderbird:  $445.
  • Town & Country, 1956 Mercury, Lincoln, 56-57 Continental Mark II:  $545.
  • Town & Country, 1957 and later Ford, Thunderbird, and Mercury:  $445.
  • Town & Country, 1957 and later Lincoln:  $495.
  • Mopar Electro-Touch 1955-56:  $495.
  • Mopar 1957 and later:  $445.
  • Blaupunkt & other European:  $495.

All prices are for cars with 12 volts, negative ground, including 6 volt vehicles which have been converted to 12 volts.  If your vehicle is still 6 volts, and/or positive ground, an HPC Power Booster is required.  Scroll down or click here.

Additional costs:  We try not to surprise anyone with additional costs, but there are a couple that cannot be avoided.  Florida sales are subject to 7% sales tax.  Return shipping is flat $20 for 48 states, for other places contact us for estimate.  Please follow instructions for packing -- shipping damage may incur additional costs; this is preventable by following instructions.


Aurora Design BT-2  BT-2 Bluetooth Adapter:  This is a FULLY CERTIFIED, professional Bluetooth 4.1 device.  You can stream music from your smart phone or similar device, make hands-free phone calls, and even use your phone's features (such as SIRI) to navigate, get weather reports, and answer questions.  It even supports call waiting and conference calling!  Voice Command and Voice Assist make it easy to use!  Includes an external microphone (and internal microphone on certain radios).  $170

NOTE ABOUT MICROPHONES:  EVERY Bluetooth-equipped conversion includes an external microphone for hands-free calls and Voice Command.  SOME sets also include an internal microphone as well -- inside the radio itself.  The internal microphone is totally invisible, and makes installation easier, but cannot be installed on some models.  If the radio has a built-in speaker, it will not work properly.  Most manual-tune radios or European sets are made such that it is physically impossible.  Regardless, an external microphone is always included as it is generally the better performer.

How well does this perform?  Good question:  we know that hands-free calling sounds great in a new air-conditioned Cadillac, but how does it sound in a street rod?  We tried this out in our 1964 Thunderbird -- with Edelbrock intake, cherry bombs, windows rolled down, driving in traffic.  Actually, it's pretty impressive -- clear, with good noise cancellation.  We'll try and post some recordings soon.

Aurora Design USB-2  USB-2 USB/MP3 Adapter:  Play MP3 music, podcasts, and other recordings from any flash drive directly into your stereo!  Supports newer formats including AAC and Ogg Vorbis.  Radio will have a USB dongle on the back; use an extension of your desired length to bring it to the glove compartment or wherever it's convenient.  Can also be used to charge a cell phone battery. $100

Aurora Design BTU-2BTU-2 Bluetooth/USB:  This provides Bluetooth 4.1 AND USB, for a lower price!  Includes a flash drive with quick start instructions -- get your library started right away!  $220

Line Outputs:  Offers four post-fader line outputs for external amp and one mono subwoofer line output.  $15

Automatic Volume Control:  Intended for 1957 Thunderbirds, this option replicates the function on the original radio, where the volume changes with the motor RPM.  For 1957 Thunderbird, $20For other sets, contact us.

Tube Emulation Mode:  Car radios made before about 1962 used indirect-heated tubes.  Like most other tube-type radios and TV sets, the radios took about 10-15 seconds to "warm up" as it slowly began playing.  If you want to impress the concours judge, or just want that vintage feel, your FMR Stereo can be configured to warm up softly in the same manner!  $20

VOX Input mode:  Input mode is normally selected by moving the tuning dial to the low end.  This works extremely well.  However if desired, Input can be selected automatically by VOX -- when an accessory begins playing, the radio will switch by itself.  If no sound is heard for 20 seconds, the FMR switches back to radio.  Certain radios, such as 1950's Cadillacs with no tuning knob, will have VOX selected as default.  NO CHARGE for this feature; just let us know if you want this.

FMR-CM-1:  Here's an interesting new option, just released!  Many modern vehicles have a feature where the radio continues playing when the ignition key is shut off.  It will shut down when the door is opened, or after several minutes.  This feature is now available on the FMR-2!  This works on 6 or 12 volts, but requires negative ground.  This is currently a special order option, so please allow more time$75

HPC Power Booster:  Required for 6 or 8 volt vehicles, or positive ground.  Converts power to 12 volts negative ground, to power stereo.  $100.


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