Virtual Garage Sale This is a new page under construction. Please check back often -- we’ll be listing specific items before long. This page has two sections: Section 1 lists radios we have on hand, that we can sell as AM/FM Stereo conversions using the Aurora FMR Receiver. Section 2 lists items we’ve found, literally by cleaning the garage and the shop. You’ll soon see some interesting items for sale at bargain prices!
SECTION 1: Car Radios For Sale:
Over the years we’ve accumulated lots of radios from different sources. Many have been picked apart, while others are awaiting this fate. However some of these sets are in decent condition -- and complete enough to be usable for selling as stereo conversions.If your original radio is missing, check with us -- you might be in luck! We’re in the process of sorting these out, but here’s what you can expect: We have several late 1970’s GM radios, interchangeable among several models. Some are AM/FM, some are AM/FM Stereo. Some have knobs while others don’t. We have some 1961-62 Pontiac sets. Sorry, no Corvettes at the moment. Fords, there might be a couple 1953-54 sets. Mercury, some 1955-56 sets in pieces, but could possibly use parts from several to make a good one. Mopar -- I think there are a few late 50’s Plymouths and DeSotos, and some early 60’s Dodge sets. The list is coming!
SECTION 2: Assorted Bargain Items:
This list is coming soon. We have a few new and used original-style speakers. We have a powered subwoofer. As we clean the shop, who knows what else we’ll find?